Virtual Design and Construction

Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) is transforming the AEC industry as clients are increasingly requesting the use of VDC on their projects. Virtual Design and Construction is the process of using BIM as a process and a tool in the design, pre-construction, construction or operational phase of a building or facility.

Gavigan is rapidly moving into the application of Building Information Modeling as a standard practice for all of its projects. We have also moved to integrate BIM into our standard business practices, making use of the technology throughout a building’s life-cycle. We have experienced BIM management and modeling staff who have upgraded our infrastructure, developed proprietary tools, established standards and refined quality assurance protocols.

Building Information Modeling is not just a new version of CAD. Its a complex tool that when used correctly will give all stake holders in a project a 3-D real world model. This model can be used for various different stages such as:

  • Visualization: Allows for a better understanding of the building and goals of the owners.
  • Conceptual: Improves accuracy of pricing and identiify potential problems in design.
  • Marketing: Creates a powerful tool, that owners can use to market projects.
  • Scheduling & Coordination: Allows for real world application of building progress and schedule adhersion.

creates models to integrate various building disciplines and rapidly idetnify conflicts ensuring a fully coordinated project model. This intelligent model is a reliable resource for change management that reduces changes orders, rework, redesign, excessive material use and delay, saving our clients time and money.