The goal is to deliver superior information to those involved in the development and construction process in order to save time and money while getting a better quality project.

This documentation is a tool that provides benefits in preventing and discovering construction defects, is an aid in dispute resolution, improves project schedules, reduces warranty issues, potentially lowers financial and insurance fees and assists with other issues that are prevalent in the development and construction industry.

Our system creates a comprehensive permanent record of your entire construction project, from ground-breaking through completion. Every wall, every ceiling and every detail will be documented to provide a detailed indexing and navigation system to capture actual conditions throughout construction and at critical milestones. Site survey photos will also be taken at the beginning of the project to carefully memorialize conditions before the project begins. Interior and exterior photos are taken throughout the project and at key milestone dates.

The purpose for this level of documentation is to provide a detailed Quality Control System that will identify and document the construction process from start to finish. These photos will be reviewed each month and tracked to confirm that all work is being installed per the contract documents. The added benefit to this system is that the Owner will have a detailed As-Built photo library of all in-wall and above ceiling systems to assist in future renovations / remodeling.

At Nexcel Corporation our mission is to provide a healthy, safe, clean and enjoyable work place for our associates. We strive to achieve our mission by hiring the best employees, setting the highest standards, and embracing a cultural of continuous improvement.
Insurance is an important tool for the protection of our clients and our company. We are fully insured and bond capable. We also can provide specialty insurance for our projects such as E&O Insurance, sub contractor default insurance, performance/payment insurance and 2-10 warranty/structural insurance.
Post construction support is an important service that guarantees continued value for our clients. Our approach to identify and correct warranty issues gives our clients the peace of mind that Gavigan will be there to resolve post construction issues in a timely manner. Our state of the art web-based warranty system enables the client to notify, communicate and resolve project warranty issues in a real time environment.