Nexcel ability to build high quality buildings is due to our relentless focus on "setting the project up for success" during pre-construction. We take a unique, "value based" approach to pre construction assuring our clients that we are focused on understanding, capturing, and implementing their definition of project value. Rather than simple estimate the project, our processes reduce inherent risk, flush out coordination issues, and account for end of day costs. We focus on helping each client balance their program, budget, schedule, in a manner that sets up each project for success.

Nexcel preconstruction services are driven by a "Client First" culture managed by efficient, proactive, and proven processes and procedures. Nexcel approach to pre-construction allows us to provide an added value to each client through the following:

Provide Dedicated Resources with expertise in costs, options and comparison analysis, sustainable materials and methods, design coordination and building methods.

Provide thorough Risk Analysis vetting trade contractors qualifications and capabilities, local regulations, contracting conditions, establishing "zero tolerance" safety standards.

Conduct a detailed Value Analysis of each system and materials after gaining an understanding of our clients goals and objectives and leverage our experience to identify ways to reduce cost or enhance the scope.

Implement a Seamless Transition from design to construction. Nexcel unique approach engages the on-site team during the design and procurement phases.