Integrity Doctrine

The Integrity Doctrine is designed to be a roadmap for consistently managing relationships between Nexcel Corporation and our subcontractors and vendors.

We understand that fair and ethical treatment of subcontractors, including smart safety methods, prompt payment practices, strong project supervision and quality scheduling, is beneficial to all parties.

Perhaps the most important attribute of our Integrity Doctrine is consistency. We feel that maintaining a dependable set of steps during the bidding process is key to making sure things go smoothly. As such, the procedures outlined in this document allow us to achieve several important things during the bidding process:

  • Good coverage of all line items of a bid
  • Fair analysis and evaluation of all bids from participating subcontractors
  • Favourable pricing from subcontractors in recognition of this ease of process and our ability to perform
  • Proper evaluation of bids prior to the general bid filing
  • Consistency in our purchasing process


The guidelines established in this Integrity Doctrine apply to all Nexcel Corporation projects.


All senior level staff are accountable for the enforcement of the guidelines presented in this Integrity Doctrine and will, from time-to-time, review these guidelines.

Procedure for the submitting of bids:

  • Subcontractor bids will be solicited by fax or email through a bid solicitation process consistent with the requirements of the client. Appropriate action will be taken to solicit bidders for projects with requirements for participation by Minority-Owned, Women-Owned and Disadvantaged Business Enterprises in a manner consistent with the bidding documents. In order to comply with the specific requirements set forth in the bidding documents, these actions may include: public notices, newspaper advertisements, written invitations sent by Registered Mail Return Receipt Requested and /or telephone solicitations.
  • When necessary, contact will be made with the subcontractor bidders to discuss special conditions and construction scheduling information. This due diligence will enhance subcontractor bids and create a complete scope of work.
  • Subcontractors are required to submit letters outlining their scope of work to least 24 hours prior to the general bid filing.
  • Nexcel Corporation must receive subcontractor bids at least two (2) hours prior to the general bid filing.
  • When necessary, written contact with subcontractor bidders will be made to communicate pertinent information during the bid period such as addenda, bid filing extensions, etc.
  • If we do not get a responsible or reasonable bid on any item in the bid package,reserves the right to solicit bids on any item necessary to complete our estimate after a deadline for receiving subcontractor bids.

Procedure for the finalization of subcontractors and purchase orders:

  • In the event that Nexcel Corporation is awarded a contract, the estimating department will conduct scope/clarification conferences with the apparent low bidders to determine the successful subcontractor for each item of work. This will be accomplished within 30 days of the award, if possible. These conferences may include representatives from subcontractor’s management, operations and estimating who will be involved with the project.
  • The Operations department shall make awards of subcontractors and material purchase orders. Other subcontractor bidders will be informed as outlined in this document.
  • During the finalization of subcontractors, Nexcel Corporation will solicit schedule information from subcontractors for review and use in preparation of the project schedule.

Ethical Practice

Gavigan ’s mission is one of excellence. In every project we undertake, we strive to be a conscientious, construction industry and business leader, attuned to the needs of our clients, our communities and our own Gavigan family. With regard to the bidding process and its outcome, it is our policy to award contracts, after careful evaluation, to the lowest responsible bidder qualified to perform the work. With this in mind:

We will not solicit bids from any subcontractor unless we are prepared to award that subcontractor the contract, if they should be the lowest responsible bidder qualified.

  • We will not divulge any information pertaining to subcontractor bids to anyone outside Nexcel Corporation at any time prior to the general bid filing.
  • We will record the name of all subcontractors submitting bids and times those bids were received.
  • If the lowest bid received is substantially lower than the next lowest subcontractor Bid, we will notify the lowest bidding subcontractor of this fact.
  • We will only respond to direct inquiries from subcontractors about bids after (A) work has been awarded, or (B) in the event that we are not the successful bidder.Further, we will maintain the confidentiality of any bidder providing favorable or exclusive pricing to Nexcel Corporation.